Monday, February 20, 2006

The Unaborted Atheist...

The Raving Atheist has a few posts about the pro-choice, or pro-life, bait and switch that takes place when pregnant women (maybe we should start saying a pregnant woman is "with child," just to remind folks what's at stake, although it makes for some rather unwieldy verbiage) go in to one type of clinic or another for some, ah, medical guidance. Based on the largely hostile content of the comboxes, the posts must have struck a nerve; although a few commenters suggest that, in essence, an atheist has no business supporting life issues, I couldn't shake the impression that most of them were simply upset to be presented with such a thorough refutation of their position.

Let us remember not to get as caught up in things when we're in the same position. We have more important things to live for than the ability or inability to argue our beliefs and philosophies. Not everyone has the vocation of apologetics.

Although, you know, it would be good if more of us were better at it.

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