Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Biology teacher fired for teaching Intelligent Design

Don't worry, another school picked her up, although she's doing it again, so who knows if she'll get to stay on this time.

Judging from the article I read, though (sorry, I no longer have a citation for you), I think she wasn't fired so much for teaching ID as she was fired for not teaching biology in her biology class. She claimed that there isn't much evidence for evolution, which is an opinion she certainly has a right to hold, and proceded to deconstruct the theory of evolution by such unassailable tactics as saying "We've never seen a cat evolve into a dog in the lab" and explaining how the scientific establishment, except for her, has been lying to the students their entire lives. Leaving evolution in shambles on the floor without apparently making an impartial case for any of the evidence that does favor continuous speciation, she then tells the class "I believe in intelligent design. I belive in creationism."

I don't care what you believe, ma'am, although the creationists might. I care that you're throwing out the scientific baby with what I think you believe is the bathwater of materialist dogma. I care that you're telling students to disregard nearly everything they've learned from the teachers who came before you without giving them the tools to judge for themselves that you're correct (or, in my opinion, not).

No wonder people think religion is anti-intellectual.

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