Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Law of God = Spiritual OS?

I confess, I may have let my attention drift a bit during today's readings. At one point during the second reading (2 Cor 1:18-22) I wasn't so much listening to it as I was thinking about the passage, with which I was already familiar in a paraphrased sort of way, but then the reader got to the end and I was sure I misheard him somehow.

I think I started to come back to the actual words being read aloud by the last line, for the first half of it sounded completely different from what I later looked up, but the very end was pretty close.

What I heard in my head was "And the Lord has written love in our hearts in a full install."

I don't think looking at God's love/law as a metaphysical operating system would be fruitless, but it's some imagery I really wouldn't have expected, even if Paul were around and writing for us today.

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