Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Joe Biden disappoints again...

 ...and I don't mean because his oddly timed speech interrupted a show I was just starting to enjoy watching.

He seemed oddly morose at first--it would have been more odd if he hadn't shown any sympathy at all, but for a minute there I was wondering if he was going to get around to making a point--until I remembered that he had lost a son, himself; albeit under very different circumstances.

Then he tore into the gun lobby as if the only problem was that Congress and voters were simply afraid of gun manufacturers.

The same gun lobby that did not shoot up the school.

The same gun lobby that did not shoot his grandmother.

The same gun lobby that did not pass or fail the gun store background check.

The same gun lobby that did not exhibit many warning signs that went uncaught by red flag laws and federal NICS checks that state regulations cannot circumvent.

Meanwhile, Joe makes a number of incorrect statements; I no longer give him the benefit of the doubt, even in his upset state, in assuming he made an honest mistake.

Despite Joe's insistent repetition of the word, the shooter did not have any assault weapons.  He had a semiautomatic rifle that looks scary and may have had a pistol.  

The shooter carried in a bag full of ammunition, that at this time has been tentatively determined to have been in 30-round magazines, yet Joe insists that magazine capacity limits are important to legalize.  But if he had a whole bag full--that would probably be hundreds of rounds--what difference would it make if the contents of that bag was parceled into, say, ten 30-round clips or fifteen 20-round clips or thirty 10-round clips?  I don't think we're in the territory anymore where we can pretend it's worth talking about how small differences in inconvenience to a mass shooter might meaningfully affect the outcome.

And of course Joe holds little to no discussion about what drives someone like Tuesday's shooter to do something like that.  Instead he just wants to ban it.

Funny:  when we talk about banning abortion, the closest they come to agreeing with us is with rhetoric like "we need to make abortion unthinkable before we can make it illegal."  How nice:  take away all the things that make abortion seem like a worthwhile option before making it an unviable option directly.

I'm all for fixing things that make abortion appealing, separate from the legal considerations.  But why doesn't Joe and the rest of the gun control lobby feel the same way about that?  Why do they seem to think not only will gun violence go away but all other violence won't rise as violent people resort to other means?

I don't think they really fear another Bath, Michigan disaster even though that's what would happen.  I think the gun violence crusaders have a tactical opposition to guns but virtually none against violence.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Pro-life centers attacked in wake of SCOTUS abortion decision leak

Meanwhile, abortion clinics are "preparing" for the same thing to happen to them if the Supreme Court does end up scuttling Roe.  Even though, if the laws change, such acts would no longer be necessary--so to speak--to stop abortion.   Even though it hasn't happened since the last century. 

Well, abortionists and choicers, there goes all your pretense at moral superiority based on an allegedly more consistent life ethic.  Were you surprised at this level of violence?  We weren't.

Friday, May 06, 2022

So I've been taking in a little bit of news about the war in Ukraine...

 ...not obsessively, since I can do more by praying and donating to charitable relief agencies than by worrying myself to death giving my custom to the MSM.

An interesting point gets made about the refugees fleeing to Poland and through other Eastern European countries:  

They are predominantly women and children.

This isn't just a function of able-bodied men being required to stay behind, pick up a rifle, and defend their homeland.  It's that men will tend to do this for their families anyway.  It's not always about defending their homes literally, but it is about being the first line of defense, of giving one gun to Mom and telling her to go on ahead with the kids, while he stands in the breach with his own gun and promises to catch up later if possible.

Contrast this with what we've been seeing at our southern border, but moreso what the rest of Europe has been seeing, particularly in Germany and Scandinavia the past few years.  

In those cases?  More young single men than anything else.  What you would see if you took an army out of uniform and told them to casually infiltrate a target country.  The would-be noncombatants are there for political window dressing and colonization.

Those are not just men looking to take local wives and acculturate because the pickings are slim back home.  Those are people looking to export their way of life.  Do you want it?

Friday, April 29, 2022

 From Reddit:

"My son knows what gay is since 3 yrs old and nothing is wrong with him. I rather explain it to him than have a conservative pastor show him with 2 fingers inserted into his bum. Smh"

Just conservative pastors, huh? Is that how you determine if they're conservative? Because maybe we're having the wrong conversations.

"And that is the exact reason they want to stop sex ed for 5 year olds. Because they don't want 5 year olds to learn that they shouldn't be touched in private places. Because that is what sex ed is at that age."

No. No, it's not. You can explain consent and boundaries--and at that age, there pretty much should be no consent questions outside of basic hygenic and medical needs--without talking about "gay" and suggesting to kids that since they haven't formed strong opinions about sex yet that they're already open to experimentation with things that have strong positive correlation to life-shortening pathologies.

"My daughter's catholic school had lessons for 5 year olds to know that abuse is wrong and how to report. They called it a 'circle of grace' and that no one should violate it. There are ways to teach sex ed that are religiously conservative. These laws want to keep kids ignorant to make them easier to abuse."

That first part is nice, but the second part is false. These laws want to keep kids from being open to adults or even other children who are inclined to suggest that exploring the next step beyond the tame stuff they've discussed--it'll be couched in terms like "self-exploration" or "experimentation" or "learning about yourself" or "subverting conservative mores" (this last one being especially pernicious, not because it's a thumb in the eyes of the GOP and Old Fashioned Jesus, but because it's encouraging children to destroy themselves piecemeal in symbolic protest against a phantom bugbear). That's why there are concerns about grooming.

These people obviously think, due to the lop-sidedness of their news intake, or just want to believe/want you to believe, that "don't say gay" is really the point of legislation that literally calls for age-appropriate education. So I wonder, further, if these people even believe grooming is a real thing.

Because in my mind, there's not much moral difference between a "conservative" pastor who likes to diddle children and a "progressive" one who likes to tell children that it's okay to diddle themselves or each other or him or get diddled by him.

If the kids these groomers were feigning to protect were sixteen instead of six, if these kids were their own children being predated by the proverbial frat boys and star quarterbacks at college who came home to check out the "fresh meat," they'd be on the front lines--and rightly so--reminding everybody that date rape is still rape.

Because that's essentially what it is.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Recent discussion on local leftist radio: "Those pro-lifers aren't arguing in good faith. 'Hypocrite' is no longer a word sufficient to describe the evils of those sex-trafficking kiddy-porn users."

 Well, to the extent that's true, I respect their outrage.  But even if their contention that most in the pro-life movement were vile criminals who just liked taking questions of life and death into their own hands--projection much?--and not a gross misrepresentation designed to help them fool themselves into moral complacency...'s still not an argument against abortion.

It's not even an argument at all.  Just emotionally-charged deflection.  A distraction.

Meanwhile, they keep feigning outrage at being called groomers while all the big names in their own movement keep doing that Jeff Epstein schtick.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

"I don't know how you feel about politics," my new coworker said, "but I wish people wouldn't drag it into family gatherings and holiday dinners and such. I don't want to listen to their arguments about how mask mandates impose on their freedom."

Well, we've been indulging perpetually adolescent progressives who insisted on bringing Karl Marx and Harvey Milk home for Thanksgiving for decades.  By now you should be mature enough to have a conversation with people who have ideas you aren't familiar with.

We're not afraid anymore.  You squandered our goodwill and wasted the tolerance we extended to you when you wouldn't stop talking politics and wouldn't change the subject.  This is the bed you made and now is the time for you to sleep in it.

Better now than later.  When your chickens come home to roost, it won't be people looking for a conversation who will be kicking down your door (or welding it shut) that you would have any hope of converting or cowing.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

God is attentive to our prayers--and a powerful means of prayer

 So I've been going through some things in the past year, and I want to share something good God has done in my life.

My most recent employer has not been good to me.  It hasn't been all bad, and I've had some good bosses in the last couple years, but a lot of that is just "meeting basic levels of decency" kind of stuff.  When I hired on, it was a smaller privately-owned company (not exactly mom-and-pop, since we had a handful of locations around the country and at least one site each in England and China), so there was still a lot of the corporate attitude of "it's my ship and I'll sail it where I see fit," which gets unhealthy when the executives get rich and can manipulate the numbers well enough to fool a board of directors who aren't particularly savvy to the industry.  It got better since then, but there were some holdovers from the previous regime:  managers who have been described as comic book villains, and people under them who don't even bother hoping the mangers' malfeasance is addressed even when it becomes a topic for discussion in production meetings.

One of them--not my boss, but I had to work with one of his mildly disturbed subordinates who retired when covid hit, so suddenly he had to pick up the slack and didn't like it--made me a target.  He started floating "evidence" of my own malfeasance to my boss, which I didn't find out until my boss clued me in about six months later that this manager wanted to put me on a "last chance to step up your game before you're fired" program.  My boss wasn't having any of that, but he and the other manager both knew that my boss wasn't familiar enough with my work to challenge the accusations straight up to the manager's face.  So at my boss's direction, I provided my commentary, which was validated by a third party that knew more about the topic than the rest of us combined.  In short, 80% of the accusations were indicative of gross (and inexcusable, considering his tenure) ignorance and flat-out lies.  But my boss sat on the matter, letting evidence grow.  We were both busy with other truly urgent things, but I knew in the long run if he didn't do something, it wouldn't matter if my real error rate was under 3% in a company where we can barely get 80% of our product out the door correct the first time around; my part of the process was early in the workflow so all kinds of ramifications could be attributed to me.

Then my boss's boss decided to put me on that "last chance" program, for unrelated reasons.  Over the previous decade I had made two or three mistakes that were visible to him; not that I committed them directly, but that I didn't correct them before an external auditor found them.  

My boss recognized that audits are a team effort and failing to catch something which I had provided to his boss and his boss's pet experts for review was not the same thing as creating the problem, but it didn't matter, and since he was in my reporting chain, my boss couldn't blow him off and try to "manage" the problem.

I saw the hand writing on the wall.  I knew this other manager was full of crap and I had a solid defense, but also knowing that it wouldn't matter, and that my boss's boss wouldn't be interested in my successes if they were anything short of perfection, I would still go home feeling angst.

Well, some time ago my mother was inspired to ask Mary to crush the heads of any demons that were harassing her.  She had been telling me about the harassment, not even realizing at first that it was a preternatural phenomenon, and then when it occurred to her to pray that prayer, the relief was immediate.

You've really got to try it.  If something seems wrong, just say something like "Mary, please crush the heads of the evil spirits that are causing worry and confusion right now about X."

I started doing it for myself.  Knowing my defense was solid and I had my boss and another expert in my corner while this manager only had the despair of the other people he'd wronged as his defense, I would ask Mary to crush the heads of the demons causing me anxiety and worry and whatnot.

Mary came through every time, God bless her.  I felt relief in minutes, but usually it only took seconds for complete peace to take over.  Every single time.

So I knew it was just an opportunity for the demons to harass me, steal my joy.  I don't know what they had to do with this manager, himself, but I can only pray that he wouldn't cooperate too much with their promptings.

When I would pray about this situation, I would get a sense of "just wait; something is in the works for you."  So I figured I should hunker down and tough it out.

But the handwriting was on the wall by then, and I could see it wasn't going to get better.  The manager could have retired, but for all I know--and he was just the sort to do it--my demise and even the company's was going to be his last project as an employee.  So after consulting with some family members, who were unanimous about it, I put in my notice.

I didn't want to leave my boss in the lurch, since he had a lot of irons in the fire and yet another audit coming up a month later, but I couldn't let this go on forever with him keeping me in a holding pattern while I'm trying to be his wingman.  

So I moved halfway across the country to stay with family while I rethought my life.  And the entire time, I had thoughts like "Was this right?  Was I supposed to keep waiting for things to change at work?  Did I not have enough patience for God to finish setting up the dominoes in my life?"  But I never got a sense of "this is the wrong choice."  I constantly prayed that I would follow God's will, that He would show me His plans to the extent I should have been able to read them.  Nothing seemed wrong.

But the days staying with family unemployed turned into weeks, and I had a few important epiphanies about my career path, but nothing actionable; and the doubts started to creep back in.  So I submitted an online application for a retail position I'd been eyeing up while I was second-guessing myself.

And all this time, I'm praying that I didn't try to "get ahead" of God, try to take the reins out of His hands to impose my wisdom on His.

Yesterday, I was offered the job, and I start after Christmas.

I received two words of knowledge, of sorts, during that day.

The first:  I'd been praying the surrender novena.  Even though I had reminders in my phone, I sometimes missed a day, or lost track of which day I was supposed to be on.  But yesterday was the ninth day of the novena.

The second:  On my way home from the interview where I go the offer, I stopped at the church I'd been attending to go into the adoration chapel and offer some prayers of thanksgiving.  On my way out, I saw on the church's electronic marquee--which rarely or never lists full Bible passages--the full text of Jeremiah 29:11:

For I know full well the plans I have for you, plans for your welfare and not for your misfortune, plans that will offer you a future filled with hope.
Verses 12 through 14 might also have been in there; I was in too much of a daze to retain most of the text before it changed to the next message, but there was a lot of it, and I did recall the 29:11 citation all the way home.  Just for the sake of completeness, here is the rest:

When you call out to me and come forth and pray to me, I will listen to you. When you search for me, you will find me. When you seek me with all your heart, I will allow you to discover me, says the Lord. I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile.
God is good.  He cares about your life and what's going on in it.  I might be attentive or sensitive enough to see the coincidences that really aren't coincidences, but God's not doing this because I'm special--not any more special than you are.