Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pro-choice isn't merely pro-abortion, eh?

A lot of us who support choice are ardent believers in parenthood, adoption, and childbirth...

Non sequitur. Quality versus quantity? Adoption will cut down on the number of mouths you have to feed, but if you were honestly keen on the saving individual families some trouble, abortion wouldn't be so imperative a "last" resort. well as believers in the domain a person should be able to exercise over his or her body. I think it's unfortunate that, in the battle to keep Johnny Righteous out of the wombs of America's women, many people see only one side of the pro-choice group, and willfully or inadvertently become misinformed about the beliefs and motivations of those who support women's rights.

Well, you don't want anything in the wombs of America's women at all, do you?

If the "pro-choice group" was really interested in showing the other side, maybe they wouldn't relegate a comprehensive birth regulating program to the propaganda of a few scattered armchair apologists. Moral dimensions aside, an abortion is a more profound medical procedure (especially later in the term, which isn't as rare as one might think) than your usual outpatient things like getting root canals and stitches. For that reason alone abortions should not be pursued cavalierly, but apparently the need for them is so dire, the slippery slope to a culture of life is so steep, that they can't afford to really promote these alternatives.

When every child is wanted, and every parent capable of raising a child, these discussions will be over.

Yes. When you learn to want the children you get, abortion will be unthinkable.

How one decides how much wanting or capability is enough, I couldn't guess. Maybe it would have something to do with being ready and willing to bind oneself to a husband or wife for life and take whatever life throws at you together.

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