Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wool or plastic?

My brown scapular is plastic.

Well, it's actually brown wool, like the scapular traditionally is, but the two pieces are encased in plastic.

Apparently, some folks think that a "plastic scapular" is invalid. If they mean all plastic and no fabric, then I could understand, and if they meant a synthetic fabric instead of wool, then I might even be convinced.

I would hope that they would not think ill of a scapular with the same material configuration as mine, though. It does have the legitimate material, and for me at least, the sharp edges and corners of the casing are more painful when I lie down, roll over, or anything that requires sitting or standing, than the bare wool would be uncomfortable in an entire day of scratchiness.

Shouldn't this point appeal to some of the more reactionary types?

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Athanasius contra mundo said...

I understand that they also last longer with the plastic pieces.