Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Lord Jesus wedded Himself to His creation, for He loved it, and it was wounded, even dead, and in need of the redemption that only He could offer. Now, God is with us!

"Holy holy holy" sing the choirs of angels in heaven, unless they're Latin Rite, in which case they sing "Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus!" Before the shepherds, the angels were seen singing "Holy holy holy" for when Christ deigned to become man, He sanctified all of creation. The veil between here and heaven was pulled back, and simple keepers of animals were caught a glimpse of what will be in store for us.

The magi soon came, bearings gifts of gold, for Jesus' kingship, and of frankincense, for His priesthood, and myrrh, in anticipation of His death. They came following a star, for we find God and find out about God if we look about for Him in His creation, but these magi were astrologers, not strictly scientific astronomers; we should not look too deeply into the signs God has given us to find things God did not put there.

Unless every jot and tittle is supposed to be edifying, from John 1:1 to regulations on the height of the railings on top of an Israelite's house.

What, you thought I was mature enough to let an opportunity like this one go? Okay, maybe this will seem better:

We should pray for everyone, that people come to understand one another, and more importantly, to be regenerated in Christ and come back to the Church.

I do mean that last part, though. Merry Christmas.

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