Thursday, April 13, 2006

A new Biblical narrative of our Lord!

Late in the second millennium, an ancient document was discovered and widely disseminated in cinematic format. It describes the life and times of a messiah--but not the one you expect.

Jesus of Nazareth does appear in the narrative, but this document, which has been largely forgotten except in a few isolated circles around the English-speaking world, reveals a competing belief of the time: that the savior the Jews of Palestine were expecting was to be a philosopher-soldier who would rout the Roman occupiers, and did in fact appear at exactly the same time, in the same town of Bethlehem, as Jesus.

Learn about contemporaries of Jesus that early "Christians" didn't want you to know about! Discover long-forgotten truths about what the Jews of two thousand years ago really believed! Find out what they really taught!

Do it. Watch the Gospel of Brian. Why do things halfway and limit yourself to Gnostic heresies?

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